Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Well, 2016 was looking pretty grim overall and it looks like it'll be ending with a lot of stress being brought on by the presidential election, school, and life--of course. But you know what? Everything is okay and there were a lot of blessings this year, too. Life is good. May you recognize all... Continue Reading →

Proofreader vs. Editor

The basics: A proofreader will examine while an editor will make direct and deliberate changes to your text. A proofreader will make marks because something is wrong with the punctuations used, grammar, and typos were found. An editor will do that and also make marks because the text can be written/communicated better.  A proofreader won't tell you that... Continue Reading →

Living on Oahu, Hawaii and I Don’t Like the Beach

Since I've moved to Hawaii  I always seem to get the same, "Do you love it there? I bet it's amazing!" reaction. And  it's usually from friends/family that have scrolled through their Instagram or Pinterest feeds and see nothing but glamorous, Photoshopped pictures of palm trees and aqua water.  When all you see are those types of pictures, how can... Continue Reading →

Dear English Major

Recently,  I was asked what advice I could provide for prospective graduating English majors. If you pick up a brochure from a university in Connecticut, you may see that I am the first name listed there. Though I wanted to be helpful, this subject always brings up mixed feelings for me. This subject brings on a... Continue Reading →

Scholarship Matters

Getting scholarships to fund your education is a lot harder than everyone lets on! When your time comes to start looking, scholarships are what people will tell you to go out and get. What they forget to mention is that getting a scholarship is a lot like winning a pageant and exactly like winning a... Continue Reading →

Why Some People Should Avoid College

      Are you confused or stressed out about whether or not you should go to college? Good, that means you're actually thinking critically about it. Family, friends, and society in general will tell you that it's what you should do and that you won't amount to very much if you decide not to... Continue Reading →

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