Beneath Them is Finally Available!

It's finally happened! Beneath Them was just published today! This is a great novel for anyone looking for a story that's out of the norm--something both heartbreaking and scary. I may be a little biased since I personally edited it but, it's one title that I'm extremely proud of and have high hopes for. Natalie … Continue reading Beneath Them is Finally Available!


Living on Oahu, Hawaii and I Don’t Like the Beach

Since I've moved to Hawaii  I always seem to get the same, "Do you love it there? I bet it's amazing!" reaction. And  it's usually from friends/family that have scrolled through their Instagram or Pinterest feeds and see nothing but glamorous, Photoshopped pictures of palm trees and aqua water.  When all you see are those types of pictures, how can … Continue reading Living on Oahu, Hawaii and I Don’t Like the Beach

Dear English Major

Recently,  I was asked what advice I could provide for prospective graduating English majors. If you pick up a brochure from a university in Connecticut, you may see that I am the first name listed there. Though I wanted to be helpful, this subject always brings up mixed feelings for me. This subject brings on a … Continue reading Dear English Major