Publishing Houses: Going Small vs. Going Big

 The most important thing to know is that no matter which channel you go through--big, small, or self-published--a well-written book, a killer cover, luck, and a determined author is what really makes a book successful. Knowing the difference between a big publisher and a small publisher is good for everyone. It keeps an author's search for... Continue Reading →

Towards vs. Toward

Here's a short one for you! Is it toward or towards? Are you walking toward or towards something? Well, technically, there's nothing wrong with using both. "Toward" is most common in American English and "towards" in British English. -E

How to Correctly Use Pronouns

This week I found myself going back and forth on how to correctly address a business entity in text while working on a project. It was late, I was tired, my mind was playing tricks on me. A business is run by a group of people so the pronoun should be they! I thought to myself.... Continue Reading →

Are You Dying or Dieing?

Dieing: an imaginary word often used to represent the word, "dying" or worse, "dyeing". The only time it's a real word is when a machinist or die maker uses it. Want to know what a die maker is? Start here. Dyeing: to add color or change the color of something. Dying: to be on the... Continue Reading →

Lay Vs. Lie

"Lie" and "lay" may be the most confusing words in the world for writers. As an editor, I see the confusion all the time. I even double check myself sometimes! I hate these words but there's no way around it. Here's how I get it right: I use a chart! I Want to say Present... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Query Letter

So, you want to get published and you've been sending what feels like--or may even really be--hundreds of queries to publishing houses (big and small), editors, and agents and no one's biting the line you keep throwing into the water.  Have you ever considered that it may be your query letter that is putting your manuscript... Continue Reading →

The Art of Italics

Italics: those beautifully slanted words that a lot of people forget to use or overuse. When do you italicize words without the mumbo jumbo? To emphasis a word or expression. "I was not there, no matter what she says!" Foreign words. Perhaps your character is in another country and you want to make it feel more... Continue Reading →

Bear vs. Bare: This is a Bear

It's just another one of those confusing words, dear writer. And another reason why math and science people hate lovers of English. Sometimes the words and rules just don't make any sense do they! Don't think I don't know your pain. In fact, I'm the designer of  the "Why English is so Hard" print. But... Continue Reading →

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