Blond vs. Blonde

Here's a fun fact: there's actually a difference between "blond" and "blonde. And the distinction between the two words is something every good editor and proofreader should know. Plainly, a blond is a fair-haired male, and a blonde is a fair-haired female. "Blond" is the most common between the two versions and is used as an... Continue Reading →

Publishing Houses: Going Small vs. Going Big

 The most important thing to know is that no matter which channel you go through--big, small, or self-published--a well-written book, a killer cover, luck, and a determined author is what really makes a book successful. Knowing the difference between a big publisher and a small publisher is good for everyone. It keeps an author's search for... Continue Reading →

Towards vs. Toward

Here's a short one for you! Is it toward or towards? Are you walking toward or towards something? Well, technically, there's nothing wrong with using both. "Toward" is most common in American English and "towards" in British English. -E

The Art of the Query Letter

So, you want to get published and you've been sending what feels like--or may even really be--hundreds of queries to publishing houses (big and small), editors, and agents and no one's biting the line you keep throwing into the water.  Have you ever considered that it may be your query letter that is putting your manuscript... Continue Reading →

Proofreader vs. Editor

The basics: A proofreader will examine while an editor will make direct and deliberate changes to your text. A proofreader will make marks because something is wrong with the punctuations used, grammar, and typos were found. An editor will do that and also make marks because the text can be written/communicated better.  A proofreader won't tell you that... Continue Reading →

The Business of the Business Card

Not much has changed with how useful business cards can be. At this rate, they'll probably always be relevant. Let me explain. Business cards have been around since the 17th century! Back then, members of polite society were expected to carry these pocket-sized introductory cards to announce their arrival. You'd show up to someone's door and place your... Continue Reading →

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