‘Til Then Our Written Love Will Have to Do by Cheri Woods

It’s Universal Letter Writing Week! Let’s explore a collection of love letters!

‘Til Then Our Written Love Will Have to Do went to press just last month. It’s a collection of love letters from WWII, one of the darkest and most dangerous times in history. The collection provides us a window from which we can explore a bygone era of a country shaken by war as two young lovers hang onto one another though being hundreds of miles apart.

You can check out reviews here: https://www.amazon.com/Then-Written-Love-Will-Have/dp/0999693816

As the editor of this book, I was able to work closely with the author and can tell you her intentions are pure; this book was compiled to honor her father and immortalize the space in time when her father’s future was most uncertain. It was great being able to explore the time period through the writings of someone really there. I doubt Cheri’s parents would ever have guessed that one day their intimate moments would be shared in the future putting hundreds of eyes upon them. It was a privilege and unique experience being able to read through someone’s love letters, seeing a young man’s love for a woman pour out onto pages.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re writing letters this week! Using Robert Stemler as an example, who knows who will end up reading them.