It’s Universal Letter Writing Week!

Who haven’t you reached out to in a while?

Given the universal pains we’re all going through because of COVID and more, it’s even more important to think about this question. So, who haven’t you reached out to in a while? Who comes to mind and why?


January is the perfect month to reflect on the past year because it’s still early enough to make life changes. It’s not too late to make 2021 your best year ever! I believe that you can.

By now, most of us are clinging on to New Year’s resolutions and hopefully, we’re all reflecting on how we can improve ourselves and our circumstances. With this internal reflecting, let’s add external reflecting–who should you write a letter to this week? In 2020, many of us learned what many already knew–you don’t have forever to get or keep in touch. I unexpectedly lost my father in November; once again, I had to confront the fact that life is temporary and at best, beautiful but fleeting.

Somehow life goes on.