Word Nerd Day 2021

Tomorrow we celebrate the beauty of words!

Writers and editors recognize the unique challenge of arranging words just perfectly to form works of art that will be memorable to readers, but, words are important to everyone. We carefully select words to describe the jumbling thoughts we have in our heads. And thus is the beauty of words! They connect us all by giving us a way to communicate a thought or feeling together.

These are my two favorite words at the moment.


There’s just something amusing about this word. Is it the old-timey, over-the-top images of heroes the word causes me to drum up in my head?



One of my favorite things to do is explore local bookstores.

On my most recent trip, I entered a used bookstore and couldn’t help feel woeful as I scanned the spines for something special to take home. As an editor and writer, the idea of someone’s prized work of love being forgotten on a shelf is sad. Used bookstores can sometimes feel like a graveyard for forgotten books.

Though this word ends with a rough-sounding “kor” the emotive meaning of the word is indeed beautiful.