I Will Find You: Solving Killer Cases from My Life Fighting Crime by Joe Kenda

I should start by mentioning that I’m a total Investigation ID and Joe Kenda fan. I couldn’t get enough of this book! And I don’t get to say that often. There are currently over 600 reviews reflecting a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Working in publishing, I can tell you that you can’t ask for better ratings. You’ll never make everyone happy, but this book comes damn close.

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If you watch Homicide Hunter, you’ll be familiar with most of the content in it. If you’re looking for fresh cases, stick to the show. If you’re a fan looking for more Kenda, this book will not dissappoint you. The real perk to reading I Will Find You is that you get more intimate details about Joe and his life. You’ll also learn more about his family, what he does on his spare time, and how he ended up on Homicide Hunter, one of Investigation ID’s most successful shows. You’ll get an intimate behind-the-scenes look of what life as a cop is like, too.

Some of his anecdotes are laugh-out-loud funny, which should be of no surprise if you watch Homicide Hunter. (I found the story of the pencil getting stuck in the ceiling at a court hearing so entertaining!)

It’s also deeply heartbreaking, though, especially if you can empathize with the scars working in homicide has left on Kenda. At the end of the book, he touches on PTSD and everlasting nightmares.

Murder victims haunted me…They reached out from the grave for me. I’d built a shield made of railroad steel around my heart, but my memories were like armor-piercing bullets. They were triggered again and again–by a smell, a sound, a face from the past–and then the shield was shattered.” 

-Joe Kenda, I Will Find You (256) 

I’m definitely glad that I found I Will Find You on a random Barnes and Noble run. I wish Hulu would hurry up and put out seasons 7 and 8 already.