Sheets by Brenna Thummler

Sheets is scheduled to be published by Lion Forge next week! I was able to get an ARC copy to do this review.
It took me a few pages to get into this one, but I’m happy that I stuck it out. It turned out to be a really sweet story about an unlikely friendship between a girl and a ghost, loss, and redemption.
Sheets is a story about a girl named Marjorie Glatt whose life begins to unravel after her mom dies. Her dad doesn’t take the death easily and has physically and emotionally “checked out,” leaving Marjorie to have to run their laundry business essentially on her own. She takes on this burden all while juggling school.
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 6.04.53 PMJust like a typical vulture, a local creep named Mr. Saubertuck senses that the Glatt family business is on the brink of “death.” He’s odd, disrespectful of boundaries, and looms around the Glatt’s business because he wants to buy their property. Mr. Saubertuck really takes advantage of Marjorie who is young, vulnerable, and not being properly supervised by an adult.
A ghost named Wendell, wanders into the laundry business one day and ends up getting involved. The rest of the story is about how Wendell turns out to be the answer to Marjorie’s problems.
It’s a quick read and I felt that the ending was a bit obvious, but at its core, this is a great story. It’s sweet and endearing.
I’m also wondering if this is going to be a series because it leaves a major question: if Wendell can travel between realms, why hasn’t her mother? Marjorie has been having a really hard time after her mother’s death, yet her mother hasn’t made an appearance.