Through the Woods by Emily Carroll & a Blip About ShortBox

New Image Through the Woods was a random recommendation from Barnes and Noble, and the book that inadvertently made me a fan of ShortBox.  (Where’s the connection? I stumbled on the ShortBox website looking for more of Emily Carroll’s work after finishing Through the Woods.)

ShortBox has such a great collection of work. I’m really looking forward to their next quartlery pre-order box coming out. Pre-orders only last for a 12-day period, so move fast! The last pre-order was just this July, so like me, you’re probably wasting away waiting for pre-order #10 to come out.

Each pre-order box comes with 5  brand-new comics, an A4 print, and candy to sweeten the deal. (Yes, that pun just happened.) You can still buy the comics from their online store after though, if you don’t care much for the collection.

I really loved Through the Woods. Cover to cover this thing is a work of art; the 7 20180821_192254_2stories/comics in it are great, with just the right amount of darkness to them, and the typography and artwork is incredible. The cover is beautifully and thoughtfully textured and the pages inside are glossy, too. If you look closly at the cover image with this post, you’ll see the texturing on the trees on the left.

Above, you’ll see a picture I took from my personal copy. This particular page is from my favorite story in Through the Woods–“A Lady’s Hands are Cold.” “A Lady’s Hands are Cold” is about a woman who is visited by her new husband’s dead ex-wife. As you can see, the typography makes it a really interesting read and becomes part of the artwork.

Emily Carroll really showed just how creative and talented she is in this book.

This is a great read for anyone who appreciates good art and a good creepy story.