The Book of Onions by Jake Thompson

“Ranging from the relatable to the utterly nonsensical and bizarre, the comics within The Book of Onions explore themes of loneliness, desperation, and perverted talking fruit.”

-From, The Book of Onions


Note: I received a digital ARC to review this book. The Book of Onions won’t actually be available to buy until this October.

I’ll start by saying that I love this book cover!

I didn’t find this collection of comics knee-slapping funny but, the comics are cheeky and you’ll definitely get a chuckle out of a few.

The comics in The Book of Onions are short with excellent graphics (at least the comics were short, mostly 4 images per page, in the digital version I read). Some of them are dark and violent, and the occasional cuss word is tossed in; definitely something to consider before handing this book to someone else to read.

You’ll recognize some of the characters in this book–Darth Vadar, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Ronald McDonald, Scooby etc. The recognizable characters only make the comics even more relatable.

There were a few comics that I really liked and some that I didn’t care for. For example, “We All Have a Dream Person” flew right over me but I particularly  liked, “There are no stupid questions.”  “Rejection,” was actually pretty funny. In “Rejection,” aliens abduct someone but decide not to after finding someone who is better looking.  I don’t know why, but I found “Whelp” to be really funny, too. I think anyone who has had a job they dislike will get the joke.

This one is definitely worth a look at.