Dull Margaret by Jim Broadbent & Dix

I recently hopped on the Dull Margaret bandwagon, then catapulted myself right off. DM Int

Whoever wrote the back synopsis deserves an award because after reading it inside Barnes and Noble, I was pretty excited about buying this book. Unfortunately, after I took it home and read the entire thing, I couldn’t figure out why Dull Margaret received the shining editorial reviews that it did.

I think the creators should have included a section at the very end that clarifies what their vision for this book was, and how it’s meant to be interpreted. The greatest positive is that the illustrations are well done (see interior image to the right). If you like gory books and nudity, then this book is for you.

In short, Dull Margaret is about a strange woman who lives by the sea and does a lot of gross stuff. Margaret is a barbaric, self-absorbed loner who likes to interact with dead bodies, chow down on eels, and perform black magic. There is light character development for her as she does make a “friend,” but she berates and tortures him. The book starts with Margaret swimming in the ocean buck naked and ends with the same scene. The end.