Bo Henry at Three Forks by Dan Bradford Released!

Final BO Henry CoverI woke up to good news today and wanted to share my joy. Bo Henry at Three Forks by Dan Bradford was released at 6:44 AM (HST) this morning!

This book is a bit special to me because on my list of firsts, this is the first western I’ve read and edited–ever. Trying new things is indeed a beautiful thing; it was through Bo Henry that I learned that at my core, I love stories–regardless of genre–about protagonists that go above and beyond to do good things. It’s especially important today to introduce or reintroduce the idea that goodness, love, and sincerity are elements that still exist. Bo Henry at Three Forks is a western series that exemplifies such elements, so get reading!

The story takes place in the 1870s when Bo Henry stumbles upon Daniel Blue, who is being unjustly harassed by a group of men. Bo saves him from the group of unsavory characters and after, a relationship of respect and friendship blossoms between them.  A strong element in the book is when Bo falls in love with a young woman named, Rose. The dynamic of kindling a fire between two people is always tremendously entertaining and emotionally-charged. You’d have to be made of stone to not be humored by it.

It was such a positive experience working on this project and am looking forward to working on the rest of the series. Please feel free to read the testimonial from Dan here.