Your Halloween Read: Satan’s Fan Club by Mark Kirkbride

I’d like to start by saying that I had a lot of fun reading this book! Five big fat stars !


If you’re looking for a Halloween read, this is a great choice. This would definitely be a good book club pick because there’s plenty to talk about and when you learn about a few secrets, you’re going to want to talk to a friend.I even got on Twitter to see if anyone else was reading it because I wanted to share about the part I had just gotten to but wasn’t successful.

The way Kirkbride wrote the transitioning scenes kept me turning pages; I was dying to know what would happen to the characters next!  This would also be a great pick for someone looking to write a screen play. Maybe Kirkbride will be open to it.  Kirkbride has drama peppered all over the place, outside of the fact that the devil is hanging around town inviting people into his group/club and people are being picked off by a serial killer.

I think the most scandalous part of the story is the fact that the sinners in this book should be the saints.There’s forbidden love, dancing with the devil (literally), hypocrisy, and family secrets. Now, as with my other reviews, if you want the grand experience, read the book yourself! Don’t count on me for spoilers.  I will say a few things though. When you find out what’s going on beneath the layers of that family–a family that outwardly shines with Christian Doomsday light–your jaw will drop. Or maybe you’ll be a little sad like I was. I actually felt bad for the father in the story sometimes because his son, James, could be a plain jerk.  The scene where the high-ranking police officer comes to their house for a meal will make you want to slap James for being so rude. Sure, it’s natural to have a separate mainstream opinion and no one likes hypocrites, but did he have to embarrass his dad like that? The whole scene I was screaming, “oh my god, shut up James! Stop airing out that dirty laundry!” in my head. The little sister, Harriet, is pretty isolated, too. Everyone is so busy shacking up where they shouldn’t or putting on a face to hide what they’re doing, no wonder Harriet starts talking to mysterious shadow figures in her room instead of flipping out like a normal person. She has to talk to someone and since no one else really pays her any attention, she finds someone who will. When you find out who she’s really talking to, you’re going to be repulsed. I was caught off guard and I was disgusted.

The overarching question in this book is very deep: what are you willing to do to be happy and at what price? I actually thought about it for a while after reading Satan’s Fan Club. I’m still processing it. If I were put in James and Louise’s situation, what would I have chosen? First of all, if Nick kept popping up on me like that at the club (he pops up like a ghost) I wouldn’t have stayed long enough to even get an offer, but let’s pretend for a second that the question applies to me (hahaha). James and Louise are put in an impossible, unnatural situation but is it worth doing what Nick/Satan asks of them? This time, the “no chance in hell” idiom doesn’t apply, because there is a chance in hell. Who’s to say?

Buy a copy hereLearn more about Mark Kirkbride by visiting his website at and follow him on Twitter @markkirkbride! If you enjoyed this book, he’s writing another story about the apocalypse, coming out TBD. Check out his interview with me.

– E