Hidden Secrets (Secrets and Second Chances Book 2), by Donna M. Zadunajsky Review

“But, the thing was, if I hadn’t tried to kill myself, then I wouldn’t be the person I was today.”Hidden Secrets, Donna M. Zadunajsky

4I’ve finally finished reading this book and what can I say? Donna M. Zadunajsky really delivered because I was thrown for a loop at the end.  As you can tell from the quote, it’s a story about loss, depression, and finding oneself. Most important, it’s a story about discovering truth and finding happiness. After the main character, Carla, loses her husband and her baby on the same day, it sets her on a path that leads her to discover major events that happened without her knowing.

It wasn’t the nailbiter-mystery story I had hoped for however. And you can definitely get the same gust of pow skipping over part one and going straight to part two where it finally gets good. There were some weird/awkward editing choices in the text, too. Regardless, this book has great drama and if you love books with unexpected outcomes, definitely put this one on your list.

I also need to add that when it comes to the audio book, the author picked a winner. Thank goodness, too! I’ve had a few occurrences where I lost interest just because I couldn’t stand listening to the narrator. The audio book was pretty good and I had no complaints listening in for almost 7 hours of the narrator transitioning between characters. If you like a dry narrator who doesn’t do voice changes, you’ll be better off with reading this book.

Grab your copy of this book here. You can also read my author interview with Donna here.