Review of Nicholas Paschall’s The Ghost of O’Leary House

This book is about a young guy named David and his transformational journey after he finds out that he has witches in his family. Intrigued? Well, you should be! This is a book about witches, family secrets, and stalking phantoms! There’s intrigue and drama everywhere!  I gave this book: 4/5. You should get your copy here.



Here’s why.

Can we just get the bad stuff out on the table first, so, we can focus on the good stuff? The only tiff I have is that there were issues with content, grammatical errors, and a need for proofreading. Sometimes the inconsistency in the content had me going in circles.  Here’s just two examples, that drove me nuts. First, the main character is described as a preteen (117) but the reader is lead to believe that he’s in college early on (7). If he’s gifted and skimming through academics, that’s cool, but it would’ve been nice to know. Second, the misuse of a foreward. Forewards are written by someone who’s not the author. A preface, though most commonly used in nonfiction pieces, is written by the author. Hence, the loss of stars! It sounds more dramatic than it really is.

Anyway, there’s a lot of good stuff to focus on in this book! Paschall is definitely talented at forcing his readers to keep reading. There’s no denying that Paschall is a great storyteller. Each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger! It’s cruel, but it’s true. Honestly, I really enjoyed this book. The horror factor won’t completely plague your dreams if you’re used to the hardcore gore stuff, but, there’s total creep value here. A few things the spectre does in the book made me cringe! There’s a bathroom scene where the ghost is crawling up a wall–I had to look away. There’s character complexity! You’ll be shocked to learn what’s been going on with this family over generations. If you like stories about transformation, witches, ghosts, and secrets, Nicholas Paschall won’t disappoint!

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  • I personally contacted the author to get a copy of his book to review it.
  • I hate reviews that reveal too much, leaving nothing else to discover. If you want deep details, you can read the book yourself!
  • The book is 288 pages with short, 3-4 page chapters so it’s great for busy people!
  • This review correlates with electronic versions of this book.