This is the website of a proofreader, writer, editor, book reviewer, and publishing professional.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or are looking for editing work, a book review, or an interview.

  • I prefer true crime, horror, thriller or memoir but am open to a diversity of different genres, including nonfiction.


Open Projects & Statuses:

A Real Daughter. Lynne McKelvey (2017 publication). In editing.

Beneath Them. Natalie Roers (2017 publication). Completed and waiting to be published!

Bo Henry at Three Forks. Dan Bradford (2017 publication). Editing complete and waiting on publisher for approval.

Bleecker Street. Don Fass (2017 publication). Cover design.

Depression Is. Collaborative literary art project (2018 publication). Currently being drafted and designed.

In Search of Somatic Therapy. Setsuko Tsuchiya (2017 publication). Proofreading completed. Just published!

The Big Book of Lies. Don Fass (2017 publication). Cover design.

Wisdom and Inspiration for Social Activists. Don Fass (2017 publication). Cover design.

Completed work ready for purchase: here.

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